Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yesterday I was sitting there and then I looked at my watch and went, "IT'S WEDNESDAY BETTER BLOG TODAY" and then I totally forgot.

Anyway: updating now instead (I mean... I think you guys still haven't realized I'm updating so it should be fine)

On Homesickness:

Not the happiest of all topics, I'll grant you, but one that's starting to feel a bit more relevant in my life lately.
This summer when I was in Texas homesickness was a stabbing in my gut, a feeling of 'not right' that I simply had no way to deal with (except hugging the dogs a lot. I did do that).
But now? Now I know I'm in a place I want to be, that will serve my future well, that will serve me well. I'm happy here, I really am (Stephanie: thank you so much for telling me that I just needed to go to Harvey Mudd and stop debating. I mean, I still made the decision myself, but your words were helpful in a 'Kira please stop spewing bull shit' sort of way). But I've still only known the people here for 1.5 weeks, which, despite what Romeo and Juliet may claim, isn't really enough to get to know someone on a deep personal level.
I'm making friends (I keep leaving my room and doing things which is absolutely insane but really good for friendship levels!), but, especially after calling my family, there's still this little string in my chest twanging back up north making me miss all the people I really love a lot. (I also miss my bed and my cats and my room and my windows and all that, but other than the cats I can tell myself they're just material things and I have a room and windows and a bed here. I have a cactus instead of a cat though).

I dunno what the point of this post was. Maybe that I miss you guys, but it's a weird sort of missing because I know I need to be here. So in conclusion I have no conclusion and don't remember where this post was going, but I think it might still be more cohesive than the last one? Man, hopefully my writing class will help me with this blog too.

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