Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So... I totally missed last week, but it's officially Wednesday (*cough* 12:18) and I don't want to sleep yet (idk what's wrong with my brain either), so let me post now!

Like, seriously though, I won an ITR game (I slayed everyone else playing who had yet to be slayed), I've been wearing my leather jacket a lot, I also deflected some goals at inner-tube water polo, so basically I rock.
(Also I can now prove a lot of calculus equations and while Chem is like super duper difficult because I remember nothing I'm also making leaping bounds in the subject. Also I worked with a "volatile organic liquid" last lab period, so....)
But college is really good! I mean, it's a TON of work, and while all the people here are literally my people, they're not quite MY people yet.

Y'all should all get on this blogging thing too because I miss your words and faces.

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