Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1st Day of Classes!

Mwahahaha I claim Tuesdays Wednesdays. Marisa gets Tuesdays, apparently. Because that's a day I have less classes. Which started today. So I just got back from my first computer science class and oh my god the people here are so excited about learning, it's lovely. Gaaaaaah I don't know what to tell you guys about.
Um, I'm getting over a sickness thing? IDK what type but it was miserable and tea and sleep are the greatest things in the world.
Amanda and Stephanie: How're you enjoying college? I'm assuming you also started class today?
Aerin and Marisa: How're you enjoying summer break? I'm assuming you didn't start classes today?
California so far: really hot and humid but they're promising me it will start to act like a place with normal weather soon. Which is good. It's been sort of terrible. But actually everyone here is super nice. Like, ridiculously so, and also I'm in the nerd dorm (of nerd school) so that's absolutely brilliant.
I miss my room and my family and having people around I was really close to, but I also think I made the right decision coming to this college. It's really far away, but even with all the gross coughing and nose blowing and puking, and also all their warnings about how this is literally the most difficult place ever and it's going to be so much work and we're going to have to get used to failing tests and classes (just taking the placement tests made me feel kinda dumb), I still want to be here.
This isn't a very long blog post, but I also avoided people all of yesterday what with the illness and all (which means I missed the communal Welcome to Night Vale listening party which I was really excited for. It's a brilliant podcast which I love a lot, I like to say what makes Night Vale great isn't how weird it is, but rather how everyone doesn't notice how weird it is. I like to pretend it's a social commentary or something about how much we'll accept without questions). Anyway, the point of that was I'm feeling kind of bad about that and my next cup of tea just finished boiling so I'm gonna go chill in the common room until convocation. I miss you all and hope you see this and join me in bloggerville!
(Update: College is difficult. Like, they gave me a reading and I read it and it was fascinating but I literally didn't know what to think and that was only like half because of my probable-fever. But it's also super interesting and I'm gonna get really passionate about things like sustainable food practices and the history of science and math and computer science and chemistry and swimming and holy crap I'm taking too many classes but I'm also so excited collegeeeeeeee)

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